About Arti Shah

About me

Arti Shah is an Actress, Motivational Speaker, Creature Performer, Motion Capture Performer & A Corporate Model.

She was born 6 weeks premature and has been a fighter since day one. At the age of 2, she was diagnosed with a condition called pseudoachondroplasia, which is a big word to describe a small person.  4ft to be exact!

Her diagnosis didn’t mean that she was bubble wrapped and not able to lead a normal life. Far from it, she wasn’t afraid to do anything. In fact it made her more determined to pursue her passion for acting.

As Arti grew up and became more comfortable with who she was, she realised, being unique and standing out from everyone else is a positive attribute. Arti shares her experiences and challenges through motivational and professional speaking in the hope to motivate and inspire others.

Arti has a motto; hard work, sheer determination and self belief.  She doesn’t let people hold her back as she has a strong drive to be successful, but only hard work will allow this.

She continues to work hard at training with her acting so she can keep pursuing to break down stereotypical attitudes. Keeping fit, so she can work as a creature and motion capture perfomer, also enabling her to maintain her physique for corporate modelling campaigns.

Arti wants to continue to work in Film, TV, Commercials & Corporate Modelling Campaigns to continue to capture and delight audiences and express herself in as many ways as possible.

Through her work Arti raises money for Bliss, for premature babies. It’s a matter which is close to her heart.  Further information on Bliss can be found on www.bliss.org.uk.